Coming events

February 4thOrdinationMeningie 11am
February 10th & 11thDiocesan CouncilMurray Bridge
February 17thOrdinationMount Compass 6pm
February 17thDiocesan Clergy ChapterMurray Bridge
February 25thNational Day of Prayer & Fasting
February 28thShrove Tuesday
March 1stAsh Wednesday
March 5th - 9thNational Bishop's MeetingTweed Heads
March 13thAdelaide Cup   (Public Holiday)
March 14thFinance, Audit & Investment CommitteeMurray Bridge
March 31stDiocesan CouncilMurray Bridge
April 1stDiocesan CouncilMurray Bridge
April 2ndSouth Australian Daylight Savings ends
(Clocks back one hour)
April 9thPalm Sunday
April 10thChrism MassMount Barker
April 13thSchool Term 1 ends
April 13thMaundy Thursday
April 14thGood Friday   (Public Holiday)
April 15thHoly Saturday   (No Weddings permitted)
April 16thEaster Sunday
April 17thEaster Monday    (Public Holiday)
April 25thAnzac Day   (Public Holiday)
April 28th - 30thFormation WeekendKeith
May 1stSchool Term 2 starts
May 3rdDiocesan Clergy ChapterMurray Bridge
May 25thAscension Day
May 26th & 27th SynodWoodcroft College
May 27thAustralia's National Day of Thanks
JuneMinistry Training Fund Month
June 4thPentecost Sunday
June 6thFinance, Audit & Investment CommitteeMurray Bridge
June 11thTrinity Sunday
June 12thQueen's Birthday and Volunteer's Day
(Public Holiday)
June 18thCorpus Christi
July Sunday
July 6thDiocesan Clergy ChapterMurray Bridge
July 7thSchool Term 2 ends
July 8th - 10thFormation WeekendKeith
July 14th & 15thDiocesan CouncilMurray Bridge
July 24thSchool Term 3 starts
August 29thFinance, Audit & Investment CommitteeMurray Bridge
SeptemberHome Mission Fund Month
SeptemberBack to Church Sunday
September 3rd - 8thGeneral SynodQueensland
September 15th & 16thDiocesan CouncilMurray Bridge
September 25th - 29thClergy RetreatSevenhill
September 29thDiocesan Clergy ChapterMurray Bridge
September 29thSchool Term 3 ends
October 1stSouth Australian Daylight Savings starts
(Clocks forward one hour)
October 2ndLabour Day   (Public Holiday)
October 13th - 15thFormation WeekendKeith
October 16thSchool Term 4 starts
October 23rdBlue Knot Day
November 1stAll Saints' Day
November 1stFinance, Audit & Investment CommitteeMurray Bridge
November 2ndAll Souls Day
November 5thDefence Sunday
November 11thRemembrance Day
November 17th & 18thDiocesan CouncilMurray Bridge
November 25thWhite Ribbon Day
December 3rdAdvent Sunday
December 15thSchool Term 4 ends
December 24thChristmas Eve  
December 25thChristmas Day   (Public Holiday)
December 26thProclamation Day   (Public Holiday)
December 31stNew Year's Eve  

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