Coming events

March 1stAsh Wednesday
March 5th - 9thNational Bishop's MeetingTweed Heads
March 13thAdelaide Cup   (Public Holiday)
March 14thFinance, Audit & Investment CommitteeMurray Bridge
March 25thEarth Hour 8.30 - 9.30 pm
March 31stDiocesan CouncilMurray Bridge
April 1stDiocesan CouncilMurray Bridge
April 2ndSouth Australian Daylight Savings ends
(Clocks back one hour)
April 9thPalm Sunday
April 10thChrism MassMount Barker
April 13thSchool Term 1 ends
April 13thMaundy Thursday
April 14thGood Friday   (Public Holiday)
April 15thHoly Saturday   (No Weddings permitted)
April 16thEaster Sunday
April 17thEaster Monday    (Public Holiday)
April 22ndOrdination - Margaret HoltMurray Bridge 11 am
April 25thAnzac Day   (Public Holiday)
April 28th - 30thFormation WeekendKeith
May 1stSchool Term 2 starts
May 3rdDiocesan Clergy ChapterMurray Bridge
May 21stDiocesan Thanksgiving Sunday
May 25thAscension Day
May 26th & 27th SynodWoodcroft College
May 27thAustralia's National Day of Thanks
JuneMinistry Training Fund Month
June 4thPentecost Sunday
June 6thFinance, Audit & Investment CommitteeMurray Bridge
June 11thTrinity Sunday
June 12thQueen's Birthday and Volunteer's Day
(Public Holiday)
June 18thCorpus Christi
July Sunday
July 6thDiocesan Clergy ChapterMurray Bridge
July 7thSchool Term 2 ends
July 8th - 10thFormation WeekendKeith
July 14th & 15thDiocesan CouncilMurray Bridge
July 24thSchool Term 3 starts
August 29thFinance, Audit & Investment CommitteeMurray Bridge
SeptemberHome Mission Fund Month
SeptemberBack to Church Sunday
September 3rd - 8thGeneral SynodQueensland
September 15th & 16thDiocesan CouncilMurray Bridge
September 25th - 29thClergy RetreatSevenhill
September 29thDiocesan Clergy ChapterMurray Bridge
September 29thSchool Term 3 ends
October 1stSouth Australian Daylight Savings starts
(Clocks forward one hour)
October 2ndLabour Day   (Public Holiday)
October 13th - 15thFormation WeekendKeith
October 16thSchool Term 4 starts
October 23rdBlue Knot Day
November 1stAll Saints' Day
November 1stFinance, Audit & Investment CommitteeMurray Bridge
November 2ndAll Souls Day
November 5thDefence Sunday
November 11thRemembrance Day
November 17th & 18thDiocesan CouncilMurray Bridge
November 25thWhite Ribbon Day
December 3rdAdvent Sunday
December 15thSchool Term 4 ends
December 24thChristmas Eve  
December 25thChristmas Day   (Public Holiday)
December 26thProclamation Day   (Public Holiday)
December 31stNew Year's Eve  

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