1. After Easter Partnerships or constituent parts will need to look at budgeting for growth and the financial aspect of our operations – how we change one thing and contribute to change the capital? Attention needs to be given to the gathered information available.

  2. Three Sundays starting with 19th May will have sermon notes and resources provided for worship. Reference will be made to the information that was gathered during Lent and how the time and talent at the disposal of each congregation could be used to CHANGE THE CAPITAL. All leading towards:

  3. Pentecost when we will be challenged to commit to change one thing (at least!) individually and corporately. Commitment forms will be issued for return on:

  4. Trinity Sunday – acts of thanksgiving to God for all he gives and the promptings of his Spirit to us to change one thing and thus contribute towards CHANGE THE CAPITAL for the Diocesan family as we approach our 50th anniversary in 2020.