During Lent each Mission Partnership, or constituent parts thereof, plan for people to:
PRAY for CHANGE THE CAPITAL – weekly/daily in groups or alone at home
STUDY the Lenten material as a group which will follow the same format each week
1. Lectio divina on the previous Sunday’s gospel – notes on process provided with each Bible study
2. Serving of refreshments
3. A filmed contribution from Bishop John on the theme of the week and the call to change one thing
4. Group discussion – questions provided with each Bible Study
5. Concluding prayers
GATHER information about available resources, gifts and talents. Create a data base to help equip us for our mission and ministry.

This format has the advantage of providing three different ways in which people can be involved in the Lenten discipline; pray… study… gather. Some people don’t like groups or can’t get to them, others have a very practical disposition that inclines them towards information gathering and yet others are very happy to pray either alone or in the company of friends. Some might want/be drawn to, involvement in all three! Each part will make a valuable contribution to CHANGE THE CAPITAL – that is, what we consider significant and important in our lives of witness and service. What should we capitalise? What can we Capitalise?

How To Watch The Vimeos On Your TV

The vimeos are in MP4 format which can be downloaded to your computer then saved to a USB stick or a DVD.

Alternatively, use an HDMI cable to connect your computer to your TV

Week 1

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Week 2

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Week 3

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Week 4

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Week 5

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