Diocesan Council

The Diocesan Council shall be a Council of advice to the Bishop and the Standing Committee of the Synod and subject to the provisions of the several Ordinances of the Synod. Diocesan Council may exercise or perform all or any of the rights authorities and powers of the Synod save and except the making altering or repealing of any Ordinances or the altering or repealing of the Constitution. It shall meet not less than four times during each calendar year, and provides to the Synod an annual report. Conduct of the Diocesan Council is governed by the Constitution and the Diocesan Council Ordinance.

Members Of Diocesan Council

Ex officio Members

The Bishop of The Murray (Executive)
Dr Robert Tong, Chancellor (Executive)
The Very Reverend David Price, Vicar General and Dean (Executive)

Elected Members

The Reverend Paul Devenport
The Reverend David Patterson
The Reverend Lyndon Sulzberger
The Reverend Simon Waters
Mrs Ruth Daws
Mr Chris Martin
Mr Murray McFarlane (Executive)
Dr Ted Sandercock
Mrs Joan Small

Bishop’s Appointments

Mr Richard Fisher
Mr David Fleming (Executive)
Mr Robert Foggo
Mr Des Warner

In Attendance

Mrs Donna Jones – Registrar & Secretary of the Council
Mr Graham Dickson
Mr Jeff McHugh
The Reverend Andrew Forder