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We are a family of disciples of Jesus Christ serving communities in South Australia from Renmark through the Adelaide Hills, across to the coast at Seaford, down through the Fleurieu Peninsula and the Coorong to Mt Gambier and Port MacDonnell, and across to the state border.

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This Sunday (16 July 2023) is Pentecost Seven, and we reflect on the Parable of the Sower. My sermon for this Sunday can be found in the Blog Section Under the Bishop drop down section. This parable is all about the Kingdom, and starts of a series of parables taught by Jesus on the topic of the Kingdom of God. It is my firm belief that we need to be a people who proclaim the breaking in of the Kingdom of God, as it was the message of Jesus.

Since this last update our Diocesan Synod has been held, where the decision to adopt the appropriate Canon to allow the priesting of women was passed 57-4. This is an important new step for our Diocese as we continue to make and nurture Diciples of the Lord Jesus, to Love as Jesus loves, and to embody the Kingdom values of love, kindness, empathy, inclusion, long suffering, self control and the like. (For a complete list, see Galatians 5). We have many challenges here in the Diocese but if we focus on those three emphases, then I believe that we will become a Diocese that is focussed on proclaiming the Kingdom of God. For more insights into this Kingdsom message please see my sermon in the Blog Site.

I am now looking for lay men and women and clergy of both genders who feel called to minister in this Diocese, but they must be Kingdom focussed people. They must be willing to love as Jesus loves. They must be passionate about making and nurturing disciples of Jesus, and they must hold to the values of love, kindness, patience, empathy, long suffering, self control, inclusion. Only in this way can we be the people of God who are single minded about bringing the Kingdom of God here on earth as it is in heaven.

As the website continues to be updated, and I do encourage you to look around at what we have to offer. I encourage you to especially look at the various resources such as my sermons which can be accessed here in video format from YouTube. Bishop Michael's Shofar is also available and is a great resource for reflecting on God's word.

With every blessing to you all