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For up-to-date directives and reflections on the Corona Virus please refer to COVID-19 page found here.

We are a family of disciples of Jesus Christ serving communities in South Australia from Renmark through the Adelaide Hills, across to the coast at Seaford, down through the Fleurieu Peninsula and the Coorong to Mt Gambier and Port MacDonnell, and across to the state border.

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Welcome to our Website

Happy New Year to everyone, I do hope that you had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year. The Pandemic continues to cause consternation for everyone, and the Omicron variant continues to cause us to change our habits. We in the church are not immune, but I am pleased to say that all of our churches are still open for worship at their various times, and so I do encourage you to click on the "Find a Parish" tab to locate your nearest center and the times they have their service so you can attend if you wish.

The New Year brings a lot of of excitement for the possibilites of what 2022 could bring us, even though we still seem to be in "Groundhog Day" reality. However, there is Good News to be had from God. I was reminded of this when one of my Ordination Candidtes shared their paper they had done last year on Psalm 90. They reflected on how the Psalm speaks to us of the greatness of God and the frailty of us as His creation. They further reflected how in this time of Corona Virus we may be overwhelmed by the reality of the Pandemic and what that means for us, but God is not overwhelmed and holds us safely in the palm of His hand. So I encourage you to remember that God is greater than any Pandemic and is not overwhelmed. When we come into His presence and place our faith and trust in Him we will find true peace even in the storm of this current time.

This web site is updated reguarly, and so I hope you will take the opportunity to visit again.

As the web site continues to be updated, and I do encourage you to look around at what we have to offer. I encourage you to especially look at the various resources such as my sermons which can be accessed here in video format from you tube. Bishop Michael's Shofar is also available and is a great resource for reflecting on God's word.

With every blessing to you all