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We are a family of disciples of Jesus Christ serving communities in South Australia from Renmark through the Adelaide Hills, across to the coast at Seaford, down through the Fleurieu Peninsula and the Coorong to Mt Gambier and Port MacDonnell, and across to the state border.

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Christ is Risen, Alleliua

The last thing that any of the disciples of Jesus expected was that he would be raised from the dead. This reality, which occured on Easter Day, three days after his crucifixion on Good Friday was transformative. Here, they were a rag tag bunch of men and women who were living in fear of the Religious and Roman authoritries. They were fearful, because their leader had been executed for insurrection. The fate of all such movements was when the leader was killed the movement died out as well. However, the resurrection of Jesus gave new impetus to the movement. The disciples came to understand that Jesus was not just raised from the dead, but he was now living a new life that he promised his disciples (those who follow him and believe and trust in him) could have as well. True, it took a few more weeks, the feast of Pentecost, to be exact, 50 days later, for that confidence to be established, but once that happened, the resurrection of Jesus became a central belief for the Jesus movement, which we Christians have inherited. So, what does that look like for us as Christian men and women? Somehow we have to live by a combination of beliefs that sometimes seem in tension with each other.

  1. We have to live by faith in Jesus and what he has accomplished on the cross. We can not say that Jesus did not achieve anything. If he is raised from the dead, then we are faced with a new world order whether we like it or not.
  2. We have to live by hope in the final implementation of the reign of God. Jesus resurrection is the promise that the end of time is about resurrection, and that all those who place their faith and trust in him will be raised with him at that time, and all those who are found to be acceptable people in the eyes of God will be raised with him to this new life that Jesus embodies and foreshadows for us.
  3. Live by love in the present. Because of what Jesus has done and we are now equipped with Jesus own spirit we are not called to snatch people out of this world but to go into the world, to announce the lordship of Jesus, which means to transform individuals, communities, societies, and creation its self with the love of God.

Of course, we will only do this in part, but when we do start to live this Jesus shaped life we will start to live as we are truly called by God to be fully human. I pray that the joy of the resurrected Jesus may be fully realised in your life.

This web site is updated reguarly, and so I hope you will take the opportunity to visit again.

As the web site continues to be updated, and I do encourage you to look around at what we have to offer. I encourage you to especially look at the various resources such as my sermons which can be accessed here in video format from you tube. Bishop Michael's Shofar is also available and is a great resource for reflecting on God's word.

With every blessing to you all