Safe Ministry Overview

The Church is a place where everyone should be safe and valued. Safe Ministry exists to ensure that our church environments, our spaces, leaders and culture, are safe. The Anglican Diocese of The Murray aims to ensure that all people within its environments are free from harm or abuse. 

Working in adherence to biblical standards, the legal requirements set by the Federal and South Australian State Governments and the National Anglican Church, the Diocese of The Murray aims to ensure that: 

  • All clergy, church workers and volunteers undertake to act in accordance with these standards 
  • That all people, especially children and the vulnerable, are to be protected from all forms of abuse including physical, sexual, psychological and spiritual 
  • That where abuse has occurred, it is identified and responded to immediately 

To achieve this, the Diocese has in place a Safe Ministry ‘clearance’ process, consisting of screening and training, for all clergy, those licensed by the Bishop, paid church workers, and volunteers serving in any prescribed capacity within a church or related entity. 

Following successful completion of the initial screening and training process, clearance is maintained and needs to be renewed every three years. So why not start the application process today to help ensure that our places of ministry are safe for all people? 

If you have any other queries, please contact the Safe Ministry Unit by emailing

The Safe Ministry Framework

Training and screening form an important part of Safe Ministry, but they exist within a wider framework that governs how the Anglican Diocese of The Murray prevents and responds to abuse or harm of any kind, as part of the Safe Ministry Policy.

Safe Ministry Training

Safe Ministry Training is now totally online, making training more accessible for all applicants. 

Safe Ministry Officer

The Safe Ministry Policy creates a new position of Safe Ministry Officer for each parish. The Safe Ministry Officer will help the Parish to comply with the Safe Ministry requirements of the Diocese by:

  • Assist the Parish Priest to comply with the Safe Ministry screening requirements;
  • Keep Records of Working with Children Checks and Safe Ministry training;
  • Monitor and Report on Safe Ministry systems and practices in the Parish; and
  • Report any abuse.


For the first time, we have integrated reference checking into our Safe Ministry process. Nominated referees will be emailed 3 simple questions, with any concerns automatically red flagged for further follow up.

Standards: Code of Conduct (Faithfulness in Service)

Download Faithfulness in Service


Caring for those who have been abused: National Redress Scheme
Handing Complaints: Report Abuse

Apply for Clearance

Safe Ministry Resources