Diary Dates


July 4th School Term 2 ends
July 20th School Term 3 starts
July 22nd St Mary Magdalene
July 25th St James, Apostle
July 25th St Christopher
July 26th St Ann


August 5th St Oswald
August 6th The Transfiguration of the Lord
August 15th St Mary, Mother of the Lord
August 24th St Bartholomew, Apostle
August 28th St Augustine
August 31st St Aidan


Home Mission Fund Month
September 4th & 5th Diocesan Council
September 14th Holy Cross Day
September 21st St Matthew, Evangelist
September 25th School Term 3 ends
September 29th St Michael and All Angels;


October 4th St Francis of Assisi
October 4th Daylight Saving starts (Clocks go forward 1 hour)
October 5th Labour Day (Public Holiday)
October 12th School Term 4 starts
October 18th St Luke, Evangelist
October 28th St Simon and St Jude, Apostles


November 1st All Saints’ Day
November 2nd All Souls’ Day
November 20th St Edmund
November 22nd Christ the King
November 25th St Catherine
Novmber 27th & 28th Proposed Annual Synod, Murray Bridge.
November 29th First Sunday of Advent (Year B)
November 30th St Andrew, Apostle


December 6th St Nicholas
December 12th School Term 4 ends
December 21st St Thomas, Apostle
December 24th Christmas Eve
December 25th Christmas Day (Public Holiday)
December 26th St Stephen, Martyr
December 28th Proclamation Day (Public Holiday);
December 27th St John, Apostle and Evangelist
December 28th The Holy Innocents